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The Earth Day 2024 Photography Competition


Serdang, 8 April – The Earth Day 2024 Photography Competition, is an initiative taken by the Centre for the Advancement of Language Competence (CALC) to create awareness and illustrate the importance of preserving mother earth. The competition aims to emphasise the Earth’s ongoing battle against the use of plastic and humankind’s continuous efforts in saving it through the use of creative arts (photography) and language. This competition is a platform to showcase your hidden talents by capturing a perfect photo of your vision illustrating a world with or/and without the use of plastic by creatively constructing an enticing slogan to describe your photo.


Theme: "Love Earth, Goodbye Plastic!"


Send in your entries for the competition from 8th of April 2024 to the 1st of May 2024.


Details of the Competition:

  • You are required to send in only ONE original photo depicting your vision in relation to the theme “LOVE EARTH, GOODBYE PLASTIC!”
  • You should then write ONE slogan in English of 15-25 words that illustrates what the world will look like with and without the usage of plastic in relation to the theme.
  • 6 best entries will be selected for the final screening.


Details of Submission:

Fill in the details as shown below in the google form (link provided below) and upload your original photo (photo should be renamed to your full name followed by your matric number).

Email address:

Matric number:

Full Name:

Phone number:



Photo’s Slogan:


Sample photos and slogans for reference:


Sample #1

Email address:

Matric number: 230883

Full Name: Chris Hemsworth

Phone number: 011-23088312

Course: BSc (Physics Major)

Faculty: Faculty of Science


Sample Photo’s Slogan:     

If plastic conquers the world, the world loses to another world, the world of plastics. Hence, begins the era of trash. (21 words)




Sample #2

Email address:

Full Name: Aiman Idris Roslan

Phone number: 011-12345678

Course: Bacelor of Music

Faculty: Faculty of Human Ecology


Sample Photo’s Slogan:     

Conquering plastic leads to a smile whereas being conquered by plastic leads to a plastic smile. (15 words)






So, are you ready to show us your creativity?

Then let’s look at the competition timeline and task clarification! 


Refer to the theme “LOVE EARTH, GOODBYE PLASTIC!” and snap a photo depicting the theme through your vision. Express what the photo means by writing a slogan consisting of 15-25 words that illustrates what the world will look like with and without the usage of plastic


Fill in the following google form and submit your entry by the 1st of May 2024



6 selected entries will be notified via email by the 15th of May 2024.


Winners of the competition will be announced on the 17th of May 2024 during the online prize-giving ceremony.


Rules and Regulations

  • Photo submitted MUST be original and taken by the participant (it should not be taken from the internet or elsewhere)
  • Photo MUST follow the following format:

- Jpeg

- File size of 2 – 4MB

- Good/HD quality

  • Photo MUST not be AI generated.
  • Photo MUST not be edited using any software or applications.
  • Photo’s slogan should be original work (it should not be plagiarised or written using any AI applications).
  • The length of the slogan is 15 – 25 words. The number of words MUST be written at the end of the slogan.
  • Entry submitted after the deadline (1stof May 2024) will not be entertained.
  • Judges’ decision is final.
  • Photo uploaded on the google form should be renamed to the participant’s full name followed by matric number.


Certificates and Cash Prize


Winners and participants will take home amazing cash prizes and certificates:

  • 1stPlace – Cash prize + Certificate
  • 2ndPlace – Cash prize + Certificate
  • 3rdPlace – Cash prize + Certificate
  • Consolation prize – Cash prize + Certificate x 3
  • Participation – Certificate



By entering this competition, you are explicitly consenting to the photo and slogan you have provided being held, processed, and used by the competition organisers.


This event is organised by the English Language Proficiency Division, CALC, UPM.


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